By the summer of 2021, it was clear that COVID-19 vaccination coverage in Latvia was far from the desired level. The official campaign was critically received, and vaccine procurement and government communication mistakes did not help either. As autumn approached, it was clear that the militant anti-vaxxers were not to be appealed to, but those who were still hesitant and waiting should be helped to make a decision. 
So, to do something about it, I decided to follow up the successful "Stay home" poster series launched at the beginning of the pandemic with new, topical messages. All the major digital screen operators immediately responded to this initiative and kindly offered to display the messages free of charge for over a month. Major news portals and Ir magazine also signed up with free media space. And best of all, on social networks, too, "Get the vaccine" immediately resonated and clashed with a large number of people. If even one of them decided in favor of the vaccine in their recommendation, it could be considered that this solution has already been worth it. 
Concept, copywriting, and art direction.