Over the past several months, we have gotten used to news about the brutal invasion of Russia in Ukraine. The enthusiasm for donations and aid has diminished since the spring, unfortunately. Although, support is more crucial than ever. What can we do about this?
While thinking about ways to activate interest to donate, we came up with a simple idea. It's widespread to subscribe to various streaming services to watch TV shows for the price of a cup or two of delicious latte. What if we could subscribe to a much more essential convenience ― the opportunity to live on a free and democratic continent? The world's peace and future are at stake now.
After several months of voluntary work, our small team came up with Stopify. A simple subscription service that will allow you to stream a small monthly donation to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, helping them end this insane war sooner.
Visually Stopify resembles a typical streaming service. The difference – instead of a menu of TV shows and movies, you can browse through the list of necessities of the Ukrainian soldiers. This metaphor helps to communicate affordability and creating a buzz in social media.
The service is live until the day of Ukraine's victory or the signing of a peace agreement on Ukraine's terms.
Concept, naming, art direction, and design.